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Silver brazing rods are silver alloy rods designed for general purpose brazing. Brazing alloy rods can contain silver. We will buy your unwanted silver brazing rods at top market prices. Since we are a refiner, we are able to process your items in house. This allows us to pay more to our clients than competition. If you are looking to sell silver brazing alloy rods, get in touch with our friendly staff today. We will set you up with a walk-in appointment, or with safe, secure, and easy shipping options for mail in situations. Brazing is a process in which metal items are joined together by melting and inserting a filler metal into the joint. The brazing rods are designed to have a lower melting point than the metals that are to be joined together, allowing it to melt and form the connection at the joint, without melting the metal objects that are being joined together. The filler metal (silver brazing rod) is brought to its melting point and is then flowed over the base metal. The metal is then cooled to allow the joint to come together and solidify. Silver brazing rods often contain silver, a precious metal. This means that they have considerable value. Call us today (877-744-0872) and/or fill out our contact page to sell your silver brazing rods today. We will speak with you personally and address any inquires you may have.

How to Sell Silver Brazing Rods to Us:

AU Precious Metals makes it easy for you to sell your Silver Brazing Rods. Whether you’re an individual or business; we ensure a smooth, easy process.

STEP 1: Call us (248-833-6133),  email us, get a quote, or schedule a visit, to speak with one of our friendly staff members regarding your items. We will discuss your items and provide you with an estimated value based on current spot prices. We will talk with you PERSONALLY, no robots, call centers, or third parties.

STEP 2: Visit us, or mail in! Either schedule an appointment with us at one of our locations, or we will set you up with fast and secure shipping options.

STEP 3: Once we have received your items, we take them through a testing and analysis process. In this step we will test your items using XRF. We will then weigh, and determine the value of your items.

STEP 4: Get paid! If you are visiting us in-store you will be paid on the spot, either cash, check, wire, or bullion, your choice!  If you are mailing in, after we have concluded the results we will contact you with our findings and pay you via cash, check, wire, or bullion. It’s that easy!

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AU Precious Metal Solutions is a professional precious metal buyer that can help you make money selling your unwanted or unused metals.  We pay cash for gold, cash for silver, cash for platinum, cash for palladium and cash for rhodium. We use state of the art technology to determine out how much your gold and other precious metals are worth – and we give you the best price guaranteed.

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