Sell Rhodium in Michigan

Sell Rhodium in Michigan

Rhodium is a scarce precious metal derived from platinum mining. Most rhodium in the precious metals industry comes from a famous mining region in South Africa called the Bushveld complex. However, soaring demand has increased prices in recent years, making your scrap Rhodium valuable.

If you’re interested in selling your scrap rhodium for cash, AU Precious Metals can help you. We buy rhodium in various forms, including:

Rhodium bullion

As one of the rarest precious metals in circulation, rhodium bullion is only available as an investment option from a limited number of mints, including the Pamp Suisse and the Baird Mint. Rhodium bars were first introduced in 2012 and are now accessible for exchange.

AU Precious Metals are one of the leading brokers of rhodium bullion in Michigan. As professional refiners, we pride ourselves on offering the highest pricing for all precious metals.

Schedule a visit to one of our facilities, where we can make an offer according to the bullion purity and the current market rates.

Rhodium scrap

Since most rhodium is used in automotive manufacturing, there is a massive supply of resulting rhodium scrap. If you run a scrap yard or auto shop, there is an excellent chance you’re sitting on valuable rhodium alloy in the form of electronic parts.

Many businesses disregard scrap metal as waste material, failing to cash in on this valuable asset.

We purchase rhodium scrap in all forms, from unwanted parts to waste metal.

Rhodium jewelry

Rhodium jewelry

Pure rhodium is rarely used to manufacture entire pieces of jewelry. However, rhodium plating is very common for expensive items, like white gold rings or bracelets. Rhodium is highly durable, protecting expensive jewelry from scratching, denting, or corrosion. We are ready to buy if you inherit a valuable jewelry collection or want to cash in on unused rhodium-plated items.

As professional refiners, we use cutting-edge equipment technology to extract and separate individual precious metal materials. This in-house process allows us to pay top dollar for unwanted jewelry items.

Furnace elements

Many types of high-temperature furnace elements, such as coils, windings, and heating elements, are constructed of a rhodium-platinum alloy. This allows them to reach a higher temperature than other metals without catastrophically failing.

AU Precious Metals uses various high-tech, non-invasive methods to determine the exact composition and purity of your rhodium alloy furnace elements, helping us assess their value and for you to get top dollar.


A thermocouple is a thermoelectric device that measures temperature using the Seebeck effect. Thermocouples are found in various industrial applications, from aircraft engines to furnace temperature monitoring.

Not all thermocouples are created equal. Each thermocouple is assigned a letter code, depending on the alloys employed in its construction.

AU Precious Metals will evaluate and purchase any thermocouple employing precious metals in their construction. The relevant types include:

  • Type B: Uses an alloy of platinum/rhodium 6% and platinum/rhodium 30%.
  • Type R: Uses an alloy of platinum/rhodium 13% and pure platinum.
  • Type S: Uses an alloy of platinum/rhodium 10% and pure platinum.

Rhodium electrodes

Rhodium-plated counter electrodes are commonly employed in scientific contexts for studying electrochemical processes. They are a less expensive alternative to platinum-plated equivalents. AU Precious Metals will extract the rhodium-plated wire or mesh elements from the electrodes and evaluate their purity and weight to determine their value.

Rhodium sponge

Rhodium sponge is high-purity (ranging from 99% to 99.999%) rhodium in granular form, ground to a fine powder. The primary purposes of rhodium sponge are scientific and industrial applications, such as coating optic fibers, high-temperature crucibles, and thermocouple elements.

Note Regarding Catalytic Converters

Although the primary industrial application for rhodium is its use in catalytic converters, AU Precious Metals does not accept them unless the elements made of rhodium (or other platinum group metals) have already been extracted.

Sell Us Your Scrap Rhodium

Our straightforward process ensures you can benefit from fast transactions. After assessing your materials, our refiners make an offer based on current rates. Once you agree on a price, we facilitate immediate payments via check, bank wire transfer, bullion, or cash.

Lastly, as precious metal brokers, we don’t just buy rhodium. We also deal in palladium, platinum, gold, and silver. Contact our friendly customer service at (248) 833-6133 for more information and schedule an appointment today.

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