Stack Of Gold For Investment

Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in circulation. It holds high intrinsic value, making it one of the most sought-after materials for metal investors and jewelry manufacturers. Over the past 50 years, it has held its value extremely well, compared to paper currency or volatile stocks.

AU Precious Metals is a leading precious metal company and gold refinery in Michigan. We provide gold assayer services, employing non-invasive metal x-ray equipment, from our Rochester and Novi locations, allowing us to quickly and accurately evaluate a wide range of items. We make generous offers for your goods based on the current market price of gold. We are an honest, trustworthy brokering partner, for customers who wish to sell unwanted gold materials.

Cash for Gold with AU Precious Metals

As a top precious metal buyer in the state, we purchase gold from multiple sources. Some of our primary clients include jewelry store owners, pawn shops, construction companies, dental laboratories, collectors, and metal detector hobbyists. Regardless if you’re a business or a collector we want your gold! Although we are interested in gold in all forms, we primarily deal in:

Gold jewelry

Gold is widely considered one of the best materials for crafting jewelry. It has a unique aesthetic and demonstrates remarkable durability and corrosion resistance. We purchase a variety of jewelry items from gold sellers, including rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, charms, and bracelets. We are interested in buying your gold regardless of its condition; as gold refiners, we can extract precious metal from damaged pieces.

Also, we are a buyer of estate jewelry. If you have inherited a jewelry collection, we are happy to assay it and let you know what exactly you’ve inherited. Unlike other gold buyers who use only destructive acid testing to determine metal purity, we use highly intelligent x-ray equipment that is able to separate and measure all metal components, not just those on the surface, leaving your questions answered and in the case of testing without selling, your metal unharmed. You might be surprised at the price you can command for unused jewelry when dealing with professional equipment and professional refiners.

Gold bullion

Precious metal bullion refers to extremely pure gold, silver, and platinum forms. Bullion bars or ingots often reach a purity range of 99.9%. Due to its purity, gold bullion is used predominantly as an investment asset. It’s common for national governments to store reserves in gold bullion to protect against currency risks.

Contact us for our current gold prices if you’re looking to liquidate your investment portfolio. Before purchasing your bullion or coins, we test and evaluate it to determine the precious metal content. Once we verify its purity, we make an offer based on current market rates, ensuring you are offered the top price for your bullion, whether gold, silver, or platinum.

We also purchase high purity gold in other forms, including:

  • Flour gold
  • Sponge gold
  • Gold alloys (gold mixed with other materials)
  • Gold ingots
  • Gold nuggets
  • Grains of gold

Stack Of Gold Coins

Gold coins

AU Precious Metals also purchases U.S. and foreign coins. Minted numismatic coins often increase in value over the years, making them popular collector’s items. If you’ve accumulated a collection, we offer top dollar for the following:

  • Commemorative coins
  • Gold bullion coins
  • Gold world coins

We are a full-service coin shop alternative, offering assayer services and the best prices in the industry. Our standard purchasing prices are higher than a coin shop, private coin dealers, or those you will find at a coin convention. Get in touch today to earn cash for your coins.

Gold scrap

Precious metal scrap is a byproduct of many industries, from automotive to healthcare, often costing businesses money to get rid of or recycle. We allow you to profit from your waste materials. If you run a scrap yard, manufacturing facility, or dental practice, you might be sitting on valuable gold, silver, or platinum scrap metal.

We regularly purchase scrap gold dental fillings, sheet metal, gold sponge, and other materials from a variety of industries. If you’re curious about the worth of waste material, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Why You Should Partner with AU Precious Metals

AU Precious Metals makes it easy for businesses and individuals to make money from unused or unwanted gold. We run a streamlined and hassle-free buying and selling process.

The first step is to call or visit our office to discuss your materials. Next, our professional assayers test and evaluate the items before offering you a dollar amount. If you can’t visit us in person, we can help arrange delivery through secure postal services.

As precious metal brokers, we don’t just buy gold. We also deal in palladium, platinum, rhodium, and silver. Contact our friendly customer service at (248) 833-6133 for more information and schedule an appointment today to sell us your gold.

Our Buying Process

At AU Precious Metal Solutions, we offer a smooth buying experience for all sales and purchases of investment coins, gold bullion, and unwanted gold jewelry. We buy gold in an easy four-step process:

Step 1

Contact us online or call to schedule a visit to discuss your for sale items. If possible, we’ll provide you with an immediate quote based on current gold prices.

Step 2

Arrange an in-person visit or request a mail-in kit so that we may evaluate your precious metals. Should you choose the mail-in option, your secured shipping is always guaranteed.

Step 3

Our team conducts a series of testing and analysis techniques. We use cutting-edge equiptment technology, like X-Ray fluorescence (XRF), for fast and accurate results. After assaying and weighing your items, we can determine their current market value.

Step 4

If you agree on the sale, we process your payment immediately. We offer a range of options, including cash, check, bullion, or wire transfer.

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