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Diamonds and precious metals are rare and valuable materials used to fabricate luxury jewelry items. While jewelry pieces like engagement rings and wedding bands are worn daily, many items spend decades in dressing table drawers or jewelry store display cases.

At AU Precious Metal Solutions, we buy and refine unwanted jewelry and precious metals. We are a leading metal broker in Michigan, offering the highest compensation for materials like diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Whether you need to offload old stock or overhaul your jewelry inventory, we ensure you don’t lose out on potential earnings for your collections.

Evaluating Your Diamonds

Our first step is to carry out comprehensive stone appraisals to ensure you receive the highest price for your diamonds. We use cutting-edge technology, certifications, and testing methods to determine the value of each piece. Whether you have new or pre-owned jewelry, AU Precious Metal Solutions purchases diamonds that fall into the 4 C’s category:

1. Cut

The diamond’s cut determines how it interacts with and reflects light. A higher-grade cut creates a more brilliant shine and increases its brightness, scintillation, and light scattering (dispersing light into the colors of the rainbow) properties. Some of the most valuable cuts include round, princess, radiant, emerald, and pear.

2. Carat

Diamond size is measured in carat weight. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. Carats are also divided into a points system, with one carat equaling 100 points. For example, a 50-point diamond is equal to 0.5 carats. The value of your diamond jewelry is typically determined by this number or point score, whether you’re selling a diamond bridal ring or a diamond necklace.

We purchase diamond jewelry across a range of carat sizes, from ¼ carat to 2 carats or more.

3. Color

Diamond color grades range from colorless (D to F) to light yellow (S to Z). The rarest and most valuable diamonds are colorless, so these grades command the highest payout price.

The color differences are often subtle and hard to see. However, rest assured that our jewelry experts have the experience and tools to assess your jewelry collection. We use controlled lightning and establish a specific viewing environment to determine the degree of color.

4. Clarity

The clarity of your diamonds refers to the presence of blemishes within the stones. The diamond clarity scale is divided into six categories, with five further subcategories. When we examine your diamonds, we grade them as one of the following:

  • Flawless
  • Internally flawless
  • Very, very small included
  • Very slightly included
  • Slightly included
  • Included

Some Shiny Diamonds

Get Maximum Value For Your Diamond Jewelry

At AU Precious Metal, we appreciate the value of all precious metals and all precious and semi-precious stones. Contact us today if you want to receive the highest dollar amount possible for your jewelry. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, honesty, and exceptional service. Our processes are transparent, ensuring you’re in the loop at every step. You have the option of payment via cash, check, wire transfer, or bullion.

For a fast and accurate quote, complete our online form or schedule a visit to our Rochester location. Contact our friendly customer service at (248) 833-6133 for more information and schedule an appointment today.

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