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Precious metal coins are a savvy investment opportunity for investors and collectors alike. If you’re interested in selling your investment coins or are looking to cash in on your collection, you’ll need to work with a reliable coin broker.

At AU Precious Metals, we buy, refine, and sell a vast selection of metals, including coins.

We provide a straightforward evaluation and selling process and pride ourselves on offering the highest value for each piece.

Types of Coins

Many collectible coins are circulated in the United States, including domestic and foreign coins. In many cases, coin values are mainly attributed based on their material content and grade. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the four primary coin materials.

These types of coins come under the category of bullion coins. This category provides coin enthusiasts and precious metal collectors with a simple way to accumulate and invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Bullion items are valued by their weight in a particular type of precious metal.

Gold coins

Gold coins are available in a range of compositions, usually weighing between 1⁄10 of an ounce to an ounce and containing between 22 and 24 karat gold. Gold coins’ value or spot price may change weekly or daily, depending on the market. We perform comprehensive coin evaluations, ensuring you command the highest market price for your items.

Silver coins

A wide range of silver coins are in circulation, making them an attractive option for collectors and investors.

Platinum coins

Platinum coins are rare and sought after all around the world. Many foreign and American coins are made from platinum, including American Eagle bullions and Brittania bullion (United Kingdom). These coins hold significant resale value, and we are happy to pay cash at the highest prices for your collection.

Palladium coins

Palladium coins are valuable collectibles among coin buyers and sellers. Palladium is chemically stable and has a lower melting point than other similar elements–this makes it easier to work with. As a leading precious metal broker in Michigan, we offer top dollar for palladium coins of all varieties.

Palladium Coin

Coin Grading

The grading of coins refers to assessing their physical condition and overall value. All graded coins fall within a 70-point grading scale. This scale was introduced in the 1970s when numismatic experts agreed to create a uniform way to value numismatic coins.

The scale grades are:

  • Poor (P-1)
  • Fair (FR-2)
  • Good (G-4)
  • Very Good (VG-8)
  • Fine (F-12)
  • Very Fine (VF-20)
  • Extremely Fine (EF-40)
  • About Uncirculated (AU-50)
  • Very Choice About Uncirculated (AU-58)
  • Mint State Basal (MS-60)
  • Mint State Acceptable (MS-63)
  • Mint State Choice (MS-65)
  • Mint State Premium Quality (MS-68)
  • Mint State Almost Perfect (MS-69)
  • Mint State Perfect (MS-70)

While we accept a range of collectible coins, we offer prices following the scale and the current market value. If your coins have been recently graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Grading Service (PCGS), we can typically assign them an immediate value.

We also provide this service from our Michigan offices if you need your coins graded. We are transparent about our evaluation process and can answer any questions you have regarding coin grades.

Contact our friendly customer service at (248) 833-6133 for more information and schedule an appointment today.

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