Buy and Sell Precious Metals in Novi

Buy and Sell Precious Metals in Novi

Buy and Sell precious Metals in Novi

Buying and selling precious metals in Novi, Michigan, can be a great way to grow your wealth, gain access to fast cash, or diversify your existing portfolio. Working with a trusted local partner like AU Precious Metals offers a personalized experience whether you want to sell or buy precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or rhodium.

With a convenient brick-and-mortar location in Novi, you can visit our friendly and knowledgeable precious metal dealers to buy or sell items like coins, bars, or jewelry to achieve your financial goals.

Buy & Sell Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium in Novi, MI

Whether you’re looking to buy precious metals to diversify your investment portfolio or sell scrap gold to raise funds, AU Precious Metals can help you. Our passionate and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you make investment choices when buying or selling gold, platinum, silver, rhodium, or palladium to align with your short and long-term financial goals.

Types of Precious Metals We Buy and Sell

Precious metals are valuable assets that are typically considered a hedge against inflation and are used to diversify investor portfolios. Precious metals’ market value also makes them an ideal option for selling to earn extra cash, especially for items you no longer need, such as jewelry or scrap pieces.

At AU Precious Metals, we help our customers understand how to buy and sell precious metals in a reliable, trusted environment. Our team is knowledgeable about the best precious metals to invest in. We will help you make investment decisions based on a precious metal’s historical and current market value, so you know how it might perform in your portfolio. For investing, we typically suggest that gold buyers choose bullion, which refers to bars or non-numismatic coins.

If you want to sell your precious metal items, we accept the following at our Novi location:

  • Gold: Gold jewelry (including estate jewelry and collections), gold bullion, gold coins, and gold scrap (e.g., fillings, gold sponge, nuggets, gold alloys)
  • Silver: Silver numismatic coins, including silver American Eagle coins, silver bullion, and silver jewelry, including earrings, watches, necklaces, or bracelets
  • Platinum: Platinum bullion, platinum coins, industrial platinum scrap (e.g., Type B, R, and S thermocouple wires, crucibles, platinum flake, platinum sponge), and medical and scientific platinum scrap (e.g., catheters, pacemaker parts)
  • Palladium: Fine palladium watches, palladium dental castings, surgical instruments (e.g., palladium implant wires, scissors, scalpels, blades), palladium bullion, palladium coins, wires from old church organs, and palladium jewelry
  • Rhodium: Rhodium bullion, sponge, electrodes, and thermocouples (Types B,R, and S)

How to Buy and Sell Precious Metals in Novi

If you’ve ever wondered, “Where can I sell scrap gold,” or “How to sell scrap gold near me?”AU Precious Metals has several different precious metal solutions for buying or selling. We offer in-store and mail in services for convenient precious metals buying and selling transactions with our team.

  • In-Store: When you visit us in-store at our Novi, Michigan, location, we will discuss your goals and needs for buying or investing in precious metals. If buying, we’ll look at which metals are best for you, which includes the spot price of the metal you’re interested in, storage considerations, and which type of metal is best for you.
    We’ll use our state-of-the-art X-ray fluorescence machine to assay your precious metal items if you’re selling them. This lets us get an accurate picture of how much the metal is worth without causing damage to the piece. Once we’ve assayed your items, we’ll offer you a fair price based on the condition and spot price of the metal.
  • Mail in: If you want to know where to sell scrap gold near me, we also offer an alternative to visiting in-person through our mail in program in Rochester. With this program, you can contact us to request an envelope for mailing in your gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or rhodium items. Our team will send back a label within 24 hours.
    All you need to sell your precious metal items is to package them to us with the label. We’ll contact you with an offer for your items, keeping the process easy and convenient. You can get paid by wire transfer, check, or cash, whichever method works best for your circumstances.

Buy and Sell Precious Metals Near Me at AU Precious Metals

Whether you live in Novi, MI, or another community in the greater Detroit area, AU Precious Metals can assist you with precious metal investments and sales. We are dedicated to helping you grow your wealth with our precious metals services in Novi, one gram of precious metal at a time.

Contact us today to get a quote for items you want to sell or to discuss your investment goals so we can help you get started on growing your portfolio.

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