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Silver has always been a popular investment option for those looking to build their portfolio and earn long-term returns. As one of the four primary precious metals, the price of silver can be volatile on a day-to-day basis. However, since it is a tangible asset with multiple uses, it is seen as a haven that retains or increases its value over longer periods of time.

Despite being regarded as a scarce raw commodity, silver is widely available in several forms, including investment coins, silver bullion, and jewelry. AU Precious Metals is one of Michigan’s leading precious metal brokers–we offer all types of silver products, whether you’re diversifying your portfolio, restocking your shop, or collecting privately.

Numismatic coins

Certain silver collectible coins are far more valuable than their face value. Due to their rarity and metal composition, half-dollar coins are often sold for thousands of dollars.

Some of the rare silver commodities we currently offer to investors include:

  • Foreign coins
  • Commemorative coins (e.g., liberty coin)
  • Proof coins
  • American Silver Eagles

Precious metal bullion

Silver bullion is one of the purest forms of this precious material on the market. It is highly concentrated and usually sold in bar, ingot, or ring form. The value of silver bullion is derived from its metal content, so it is used primarily as an investment asset. However, it may also be used as legal tender. Using cutting-edge equipment, X-Ray fluorescence (XRF), we test the purity of the material before offering it to investors.

Investing in silver bullion is a reliable strategy to secure and grow your portfolio.

Silver jewelry

Jewelry stores often buy from us and you can too! We offer silver rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, and bracelets on a retail platform–investments you can wear, until you’re ready to cash in, according to current spot prices.

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Silver Jewelry

Why You Should Invest in Silver

At AU Precious Metals, we offer a full line of silver products–our vast selection of silver (and other precious metals) and industry-best pricing make us an ideal investment partner. There are many benefits to investing in silver with us, including:

Hedging against inflation

The risk associated with precious metals is often low compared to potentially volatile stocks or currencies, particularly in the long term. By diversifying your portfolio with silver, you have a much better shot at hedging against inevitable inflation.

Tangible asset

Silver is a tangible asset, unlike most conventional investments, like shares and stocks. It has multiple uses, enabling investors to extract value as legal tender. This alleviates safety concerns for many low-risk and new investors.

Tax exemptions

One of the most significant advantages of investing in silver in Michigan, is the selection of tax breaks. Precious metal bullion is exempt from sales tax if it reaches a 90% purity threshold. The sale value of each item must also be determined by its metal content and not its form.

Silver minted coins may also be sales tax exempt if they are legal tender in the U.S. and their market value exceeds their marked face value. However, certain token coins and medals do not qualify for tax breaks since they aren’t legal tender and don’t have a stated value. If you want to benefit from Michigan’s tax legislation, consult tax professionals to help you with any questions.

Invest in Precious Metals Safely and Securely

AU Precious Metals makes investing easy. We can even facilitate remote deals, using secure postal services and wire transfers for a hassle-free, contactless transaction. To arrange a visit or inquire about a material, contact us online or give us a call today.










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