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Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in circulation. While its price can fluctuate in the short term, gold has consistently maintained its value over the past 50 years. It is an excellent investment option and has proven to be more stable than the stock market in recent decades.

At AU Precious Metals, we offer you the option of investing in a wide selection of precious materials. We also keep inventory on-hand, in a variety of weight options, to best fit your budget and investment portfolio. We offer bullion to our clients at the lowest prices and highest value, guaranteed.

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Types Of Gold for Investment

Gold Bullion

Bullion products are precious metals with 99.5% to 99.9% purity. Gold bullion typically comes in bar or ingot form. Due to its purity, precious metal bullion can be regarded as legal tender. Governments often hold reserves of gold bullion in central banks to protect themselves against potential financial disasters. We can show you how to safeguard and grow your wealth privately, ensuring that your money remains safe and valuable, in YOUR hands and control, where it belongs.

If you’re a current gold investor and want to liquidate some of your inventory, contact AU Precious Metals for a quote.

Numismatic Coins

Investment coins are another popular way to deal in gold and other precious materials. As collector’s items, coins are highly accessible. Our in-house inventory is vast, as is our knowledge of collecting and usage for investments and wealth management purposes.

If you’re a collector or investor already, and are looking to liquidate some of your inventory, contact AU Precious Metals for a quote.

Some of the most popular numismatic coins to collect or invest with:

  • Commemorative coins (e.g., a liberty coin)
  • Proof coins
  • Gold Eagle coins
  • Gold Maple coins
  • Gold Buffalo coins
  • Silver coins
  • Silver bullion coins
  • Silver superior coins
  • Platinum coins

Old Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Gold is one of the most common precious metals used in jewelry manufacturing. We offer a carefully curated selection of estate gold jewelry–from necklaces and chains to bracelets, earrings, and charms. Vintage jewelry has risen dramatically in popularity over recent years, and with good reason! Gold is a forever investment. An investment that, like bullion or coins, can be cashed in during tough times, but one that can also be worn and passed down from generation to generation in the meantime.

Michigan Sales Tax Laws

Another key benefit of investing in gold is the sales tax exemption recognized by Michigan State Law. Precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, are exempt from applicable sales taxes in Michigan as long as they are a minimum of 90% pure. Their value must also be determined by the precious metal content rather than form.

However, some numismatic items, like medals, do not qualify for tax exemptions since they are not legal tender. If you wish to take advantage of these laws, consider contacting tax professionals regarding collecting sales taxes for precious materials.

Our offices are conveniently located in Rochester. However, our streamlined services ensure we can serve the entire state, including major industrial hubs like Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, and Detroit.










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