AU Precious Metal Solutions will give you the most cash if you’re looking into selling your semiconductors. At AU Precious Metals, our process is as easy as 1-2-3. When you mail in your precious metals, our specialists will test them and give you an estimate. If you’re happy with the estimate, you will be on your way to getting extra cash in your pocket. Call us today for more information on buying semiconductor metals.

What’s a Semiconductor?

Many individuals or businesses have semiconductor metals and don’t even know it. A semiconductor is any metal that falls in between a conductor and an insulator. Semiconductors can be found in a number of wires that are used today, such as platinum thermocouple wire. Semiconductors are used in other manufacturing products, such as:

  • Mirrored Silver
  • Silver Scrap (used from manufacturing solar panels)
  • Platinum/Rhodium Thermocouple Wire
  • Silver Anodes (used for plating electronics)
  • Gold Anodes (used for plating electronics)
  • Sputtering Targets (used for plating electronics)

If your business has semiconductor metals, get extra cash today and call AU Precious Metals at 248-833-6133.

Businesses Selling Semiconductors

Several industries use semiconductors, and it is more common in industrial work as opposed to individual use. If you’re in the following industries, you may have extra semiconductor metals for sale:

  • Architecture
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Automotive
  • Hardware
  • Industrial
  • Plumbing
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Jewelry Manufacturer
  • Construction

Semiconductor Buyers in Michigan

If you’re looking to get extra cash in your business’s pocket, call the specialists at AU Precious Metals to sell semiconductor metals. We have a team that is dedicated to giving you exactly what your business’s semiconductor metals are worth. Through Fire Assay, scratch testing and XRF, we know exactly how to test your metals. Refuse to be undersold, call the professionals today.

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