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Attention Dental Labs

If you’re looking to sell your dental scrap items, AU Precious Metal Solutions is the only precious metal buyer you need to consider! We are the top dental experts in Michigan for all of your refining needs. Our precious metal refinery for dentists is recognized in the trade for the professionalism and expertise of our team. Our second-generation precious metal refiner specializes in buying from your dental labs. We buy all of your dental scrap items including solids, bridges, caps, grindings, fillings, sweeps, miscasts and more. If you’re looking to sell dental items, call our professionals today.

We Buy Dental Items Including:

  • Solids
  • Bridges
  • Caps
  • Grindings/filings
  • Sweeps
  • Miscasts
  • And More!

We are not limited to the items on the list above. At AU Precious Metal Solutions, we are your #1 dental lab refiner in the Midwest.  We refine gold, palladium, silver and even platinum left over in your material or from items you can’t use. It does not matter if there is cement, porcelain or non-precious screws still attached to items; our process will eliminate these items. Call us today to get TOP dollar for your dental scraps today! Call us to get the process started.

Dental Scrap Items

Dental labs have long been a source of precious metals for AU Precious Metal Solutions. The usual metals recovered are Au, Ag, Pt and Pd. The variety of metal recovered from the dental scrap depends upon the total amount of weight we process on each lot sent in. Dental scrap can be generated in the manufacturing of crowns,  bridges or other dental products and are but one source of the precious metal waste. Grindings off of the bench that the dental lab technician works at, as well as the filter bags that are the final trap for all of the suction units that usually feed into one area, are another source of value.

These are some of the items we are looking for:

  • Castings
  • Casting Rings
  • Molds

Castings, casting rings and molds contain some amounts of precious metals. It is not uncommon for a lab to send a refiner anywhere from 25 to 100 pounds or more of either castings or investment in order to recover several ounces of various precious metals. Even the alumina oxide that is used in de-burring some finished pieces as it acts as a small sand blaster, can yield some value if handled correctly.

What Other Dentists Are Saying

“I’ve recommended your company to a few other dentists in the area who have been unsatisfied with their last couple of returns from another refiner.” – Dr. G. Frenkel DDS from Hartford, Connecticut

“Brad Gutov is great to work with, operates his business with integrity and pays the highest price. I am very please with his service and highly recommend his company to other dentists for the best value.” – George D. from George Denes, DDS PC

“Our dental lab has had a long-time relationship of professional and personal service with AU Precious Metal Solutions. I highly recommend AU Precious Metal Solutions for all your precious metal refining needs.” -Motley. Milwaukee, WI

Sell Your Dental Scrap Today!

Discover the many reasons to work with AU Precious Metal Solutions! Call us today.  We will recover the gold, silver, platinum and palladium found within your dental scrap. Join your many colleagues and discover the many reasons to work with us! Our dental scrap refinery has decades of experience processing dental lab grindings, rugs, filter bags, sweeps, crowns. At AU Precious Metal Solutions, we are efficient, reliable and reputable.  AU Precious Metal Solutions makes selling your unwanted precious metals as easy as 1, 2, 3. Step #1 Contact Us – Our representatives will be here to help you! Step #2 Ship – Safe shipping. Step #3 You get paid…. All transactions are fair, friendly and quick. We also offer great rewards for your referrals. For more information on our buying process and to sell your dental scrap, call us today.

4 Gold Coins

We are the refiner so there is no middleman, this means more cash for you!

AU Precious Metal Solutions is a professional precious metal buyer that can help you make money selling your unwanted or unused metals.  We pay cash for gold, cash for silver, cash for platinum, cash for palladium and cash for rhodium. We use state of the art technology to determine out how much your gold and other precious metals are worth – and we give you the best price guaranteed.