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AU Precious Metals is one of Michigan's top bullion dealers. We sell bullion at wholesale price (prices will vary daily depending on spot market prices), and we have large stock for you to choose from. It's no surprise why AU Precious Metals is the best place to buy bullion in Michigan.

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Where to Buy Gold & Silver Bullion in Michigan

Whether you're new to investing in precious metals or picking up a new hobby, there are many benefits to investing in bullion. Gold and silver are one of the oldest forms of currency in the world. These precious metals have been known to circulate as trade-able money for thousands of years! They glimmer, they are rare, and they are soft enough that they can be formed into many different shapes and sizes why invest in gold and silver bullion?

  • Bullion bars and rounds - These items' values are exclusively based upon the content of their gold, silver and precious metal content, making them one of the most profitable items you can invest in.
  • Coins - Once upon a time, these items had two sources of value, one in face value, and the other in their precious metal content. Today, US coins that are 90 percent gold or silver are a great investment option.

Gold & Silver Bullion We Sell:

  • American Gold Eagles
  • American Gold Buffalos
  • Australian Kangaroos
  • China Pandas
  • +More! Call to inquire about inventory
  • Krugerrands
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Pure Gold Coins
  • US Double Eagles
  • Australian Philharmonics
  • +More! Call to inquire about inventory

Why Buy Bullion?

Aside from jewelry and currency, investments and industrial use are the other two primary functions of gold and silver. These metals are often used in the production of everything from electronics to vehicles. Because gold and silver coins and bars cannot be artificially reproduced, they have more value than paper money that can be generated by machine. If you buy bullion or silver coins, you'll see your investment multiply when measured in dollars! Invest today... buy gold and silver bullion here!

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Ready to invest in bullion? AU Precious Metals is the only name you need to know. To get in touch with us, visit our Contact Us page or call us at 877-744-0872 for more information about where to buy bullion in Michigan. Click here for more information on What We Sell today!

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We melt and assay your metals in house which means more money for you!

AU Precious Metal Solutions is a professional precious metal buyer that can help you make money selling your unwanted or unused metals.  We pay cash for gold, cash for silver, cash for platinum, cash for palladium and cash for rhodium. We use state of the art technology to determine out how much your gold and other precious metals are worth – and we give you the best price guaranteed.

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