Where To Sell Silver In Michigan

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Get paid the most for your Silver

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Silver bullion bars

Where To Sell Silver

AU Precious Metal Solutions is the BEST PLACE to sell silver in Michigan. We pay more for your silver jewelry, coins and scrap than any other silver buyers. We keep the selling process simple by cutting out the middleman and processing your silver in house! This is how WE PAY THE MOST! Not only do we offer the highest payouts in Michigan, we’ll give you the customer service other silver buyers can’t compete with. You can trust our Michigan silver buyers to give you an honest value for selling silver jewelry, coins, scrap, and more. See the full list of silver we buy here.

Selling Silver for Cash in Michigan is Easy As:

  1. CONTACT our friendly silver buyers by phone or email sales@aupreciousmetals.com. Here, we will discuss the silver items you want to sell. We will also give you an estimate for your silver.
  2. Decide whether you want to bring the items in to us or ship it to us. We offer tracking on all shipped orders and reimbursement and free shipping on special orders.
  3. Once we receive your items, we determine the actual silver value using our advanced TESTING methods including scratch, XRF, and Fire Assay.
  4. Once we agree on a price, we will write or mail you a check on the spot!

Why AU Precious Metals for Selling Silver?

  • We are the refiner – there is no middleman – so we can pay TOP DOLLAR!
  • Receive immediate payment.
  • Highest Payouts in Michigan – check us if you don’t believe it.
  • We buy it ALL! Coins, Silverware, Antique jewelry, Broken Jewelry etc.
  • Safe and Secure Atmosphere.
  • Friendly and Professional staff.
  • Call 877-744-0872 for a FREE Silver Appraisal!

Best Silver Buyers in Michigan

If you are ready to sell silver in Michigan, contact us today and see how we can help you GET THE MOST MONEY out of your silver. AU Precious Metal Solutions buys silver based on the market value, and we offer the top price. Whether you are a business or an individual wondering where to sell silver in Michigan, AU Precious Metals is the No. 1 choice–guaranteed! Contact us to sell silver today! Save