Where To Sell Silver

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Get paid the most for your Silver

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Silver bullion bars

Silver is a naturally occurring white metal used to make jewelry, flatware, and coins. In addition, due to its conductivity, it is used extensively in electronics. It is also used in pharmaceuticals due to its natural antibiotic properties.

How do you get cash for silver?

It's easy to get an instant quote from online silver buyers for your 925 sterling Silver jewelry, scrap, flatware, or coins. Similar to when you sell your gold, silver prices have reached record highs. 

Three easy steps to follow

You can handle silver just as you would when you sell your gold or platinum. You can bring your silver to a local consignment shop, coin shop, or pawn shop. Or you can use an online website.

1. To determine the quality of your silver, look at its markings.

It is essential to understand the current spot price of silver before you sell it. This will ensure that you don't get ripped off. You won't get the spot price because the buyer must make money selling it. However, you can shop around to find the right buyer for you to offer you the most value for your silver. Silver buyers will typically only purchase 925 sterling silver and not plated items.

2. Check Kitco's silver price.

Kitco's exchanges offer a market silver spot price as well as other precious metals that are widely accepted.

3. Find a trustworthy buyer.

Are you ready to sell your silver?

How to sell flatware in silver

You can sell flatware, similar to selling silver jewelry, by either selling it at a pawn shop, silver exchange, or using an online buyer. These buyers will pay you according to the purity and weight you have exchanged. So, naturally, the purer items will get you more.

Flatware made of silver is typically 90% silver. However, this percentage can vary greatly. For example, silver-plated flatware will have less silver.

It is important to note that antique silver and collectibles may have a higher value because of their history of craftsmanship. An appraiser, antique shop, or other professional may be able to give you advice and even buy the items.

Where and how to sell silver bullion

You can sell silver bullion in the same places that you would sell silver flatware, jewelry, or coins. Online silver buyers, silver exchanges, and pawn shops are all options. Silver bullion typically contains 99.9% pure silver.

How to sell silver coins

You can sell silver coins to a pawn shop, a silver exchange, or a coin shop. Each of these buyers will give you cash in return for your coins based on their weight. Most silver coins contain 90% silver.

How to Sell 925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver comprises 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% other metals. This means that almost all places that purchase pure silver are interested in buying sterling silver. These include pawn shops and metal exchanges, and online silver buyers.

How to sell silver jewelry

You should follow these steps when selling silver jewelry.

  1. To determine the amount of silver in your jewelry, make sure you check for any markings.
  2. Check out the current silver prices.
  3. Locate a trustworthy buyer.

A few things will determine who you are to go to when selling silver jewelry. It might be worth more if the jewelry is unique or made by a well-known designer. A jewelry shop or antique dealer may help you determine the value of your item and might even offer to buy it directly.

If your silver jewelry is not in mass production or does not have increased value aside from the silver, you will need to find a silver buyer. Online silver buyers offer better prices than a pawn shop and metal exchanges.

What is the value of silver?

The price of silver is determined by the buyer's willingness to pay. Therefore, the cost of silver can fluctuate from day to day, week to week, and month to month, depending on how much demand increases or decreases.

Items containing a lot of silver are more valuable than those with less. The most valuable silver is the one that bears the marks 950, 925, 900, 800, or Coin. These items contain large amounts of silver and are worth more. The "Plate" mark will not be valuable because these items do not contain pure silver and have only a thin layer of silver.

Today's value of silver: check out the silver price

Today Kitco has silver prices at a high of $22.37 an ounce. You can check the prices here to see what a fair price is.

If you have more questions or are looking to sell your junk silver at top dollar, contact AU Precious Metals today, and we will help you out and get you a fair price guaranteed. See the full list of silver we buy here.