Dental Scrap: What is it worth and why should you sell it?

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Selling dental scrap or your old crowns is a great way to add profit to your business.

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Pile of dental scrap

There is a wide range of precious metals used by dental offices to carry out different duties, such as gold crowns or inlays and silver amalgam filling. Most of these metals such as gold, palladium, platinum and  silver can easily be sold to refiners. In Learning the benefit of collecting and selling your byproduct puts you one step closer to benefiting your finances as well as helping the environment.

Selling dental scrap or your old crowns is a great way to add profit on top of your normal day to day business. As a dentist, you come across many materials in your office daily therefore some of these metals can add to your bottom line.

Definition of Dental Scrap

Did you know that your office is packed with some valuable precious metals that you could sell for profit? The profit earned from selling precious metal alloys can be used to keep your business on top and make it thrive.

These materials include any scrap dental gold from dental offices, often referred to as PFM scrap or porcelain fused metal scrap, which contain high precious metals. There is a wide range of  metals that could be defined as dental scrap, such as; platinum, palladium, gold and silver from crowns or bridges.

What Do Dentists Use the Scraps for?

Unfortunately, a number of dental experts don’t know they could trade in precious metals and make profits in the process. On occasion, dental scrap or gold crowns are cleaned and thrown away alongside with the trash.

In some cases, dentists looking for a quick turnaround, end up selling their high level metals for less than market value.  Therefore, finding a reputable agent to help suss out your materials and help educate is paramount to getting the maximum gain.

What Are The Benefits of Selling Dental Scraps?

If you are a dentist, then you can make huge profits from selling dental scrap. It is a lucrative business that comes with financial benefits that can keep your business going even during tough economic times.

The other advantage of selling precious metal alloys is you can use them to make the environment safe and make your community a better place. With a slight change of routine, your finances   can exceed your expectations.  Therefore, you should begin selling precious metals to take advantage of the benefits mentioned.

  1. Improve Your Finances

Everyone starts a business in the dental industry to make their careers thrive as they earn profits. If anything, your business won’t be sustainable if you don’t make enough money to keep it moving. By selling dental scrap (crowns and other  PFM scraps) from dental offices to a reputable refining company, you can make  extra money each year that they save or use to expand their businesses.

Maybe you have some patients with gold, platinum, or palladium crowns, or bridges from so many years ago, and they would like to have them replaced. If this happens, you would be a very lucky person since these older materials come with a high percentage of precious metals.

If you sell them, you l could make  a substantial amount of money.

  1. Help Save Environment

Dental scrap, if not sold, will always be discarded. If you sell them for recycling, you will have helped the environment. If materials are used to make other products of high value outside the dental industry, not so many of them shall end up in the landfill, therefore the environment will not be negatively impacted.

For example, there is no need to keep mining if there are already enough minerals and precious metals in play. Also, most customers are aware of the importance of sustainable practices, and they embrace Your efforts.  Your practices  can also be used in some popular marketing campaigns.

  1. You Give Back to the Community

Some online dealers donate some of their profits to America’s Tooth Fairy, which means you will be giving back to society. America’s Tooth Fairy can also be referred to as the National Children’s Oral Health, which was established to provide support to nonprofit clinics, as well as an array of community partners that rely on precious metal content.

The organization helps provide dental care to children, who are not in a financial position to obtain it. If you feel that this is an organization that is worth supporting, then you can do that by selling scrap dental gold to the right dealers. You can get and sell the items from various dental offices.

How Much Can You Make From Selling Dental Scrap?

Many factors come into play when determining the amount of money you can make from selling precious metals. There are fair scientific processes that are employed by reputable buyers to ensure that you get the best compensation for your items of high value.

The factors considered include:

  • Purity
  • Quantity
  • Weight

Closing Thoughts

Weather or not you decide to donate your extra funds to charity or put it back into your business, your first step is to find a reputable refiner to sort and assay your metals to determine your earnings

By selling gold, platinum, palladium, and other types of dental scrap, you can make enough money to take care of some aspects of your business. If you are planning to start selling gold and other precious metal, then you might want to use the information shared in this piece before you begin selling precious metal content.