25 Creative Things You Can Do With Old Jewelry

This article will help you answer what to do with old jewelry.

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Old Jewelry

Some people don't want jewelry that is unused, old or inherited. Instead, they prefer that they be sold at a fair price or used in a new design. This article will help you answer what to do with old jewelry.

How to Decide What To do

This will be a personal decision. People often feel guilty about selling or changing iconic and meaningful designs passed down from loved ones. Yet, jewelry is often a source of great emotion.

You may be especially concerned about inherited pieces that have been passed down from someone else due to their sentimental value. The person wants you to make the most of the jewelry pieces and give you financial or aesthetical joy. The best option is selling or redesigning pieces you have bought, received, or not used. Does the piece have any real value when it's hidden in a safe or jewelry box?

Now let's decide how and where to do it.

It would be best to choose a trusted jeweler or one recommended to you to get the items appraised for selling the item.

You may also want to donate old pieces from your jewelry collection.

Let's take, for example, fine jewelry that you inherit. There are two options: do you want to sell it? On the other hand, perhaps you'd like to make the antique piece more modern.

I want to sell.

Most people will offer to pay the melt value of precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum at a significantly lower price than the wholesale value. For example, 14kt Gold is 58.5% pure, and the rest is essentially base material with no value. This means that about half of the item's weight is lost immediately. Add the refiner's fees, the processing fee of the jeweler, and you will get a payout you may or may not consider fair for the amount you have.

Gemstones are subject to the same principle. The trader will pay the wholesale value. As a result, you may hear significantly lower figures than the retail appraise values. At AU Precious Metal Solutions we can help you get the best price guaranteed.

You may want to sell jewelry online or directly to people at flea markets or on ebay and potentially recover more. However, these methods can have risks and issues, such as scams and unscrupulous transactions.

I would love to make this into something else.

1. Topiary Bejeweled Art

It is easy to recycle jewelry into beautiful canvas art that you can display in your home. These topiaries can be made from vintage necklaces and brooches. This canvas art is simply stunning. First, make the base frame and fill in the gaps with your old costume jewelry.

2. Bedazzled Belt

You can dress up boring belts with vintage jewelry. You can find an old belt at most thrift shops if you don't already have one. You can then dress it up with old or broken jewelry. To give the buckle some pizzazz, you can glue a brooch or small pieces of jewelry to it.

3. Vintage Style Bookmarks

A fantastic idea for old jewelry pieces is to turn them into bookmarks. You can make beautiful bookmarks from old broken jewelry pieces like necklaces, brooches, or earrings. These bookmarks are great for gift giving. Add the jeweled piece to a ribbon, and you'll have a bookmark that is as beautiful as anything you can find in a shop.

4. DIY Beaded Sandals

This DIY is great if you have broken beaded jewelry. All you have to do is sew them into your sandals.

5. DIY Necklace and Bracelet

You can make a bracelet from old pieces you dislike. Most craft shops sell blank bracelets that can glue the pieces to.

6. Repurposed Camera Strap from Costume Jewelry

All great photographers should have their own unique strap, just like musicians with their guitar straps. You can make a unique and beautiful strap with vintage costume jewelry, regardless of what camera model you have. You can use any jewelry that suits your taste.

7. DIY Jeweled Christmas Tree

Make your costume jewelry into a festive Christmas tree! Although this is a complicated project, it is definitely worth the effort. You can buy these jeweled Christmas tree pictures at craft shops, or you can make them yourself with some jewelry and a frame. It is beautiful and has a vintage, old-world feel.

8. Vintage Cameo Cuff Bracelet

Cameos are one of my favorite pieces of vintage jewelry. You can make fabulous jewelry into a vintage cameo.

9. DIY Jeweled Drawer Pulls

These drawer pulls are stunning and far better than any hardware store. Jeweled drawer pulls are a great choice if you're looking to remodel a room.

10. Jewelry gift tags 

A gift with a jeweled tag is a beautiful gift idea. These tags are easy to make. In addition, you can create themed jewelry with old charm bracelets to dress up a package. This is an excellent way to use any jewelry and add sparkle to your gifts.

11. DIY Jeweled Bobby pins

You can give bobby pins a new look by adding vintage jewelry or jeweled buttons. Then, glue the pieces to the ends of the bobby pins, and you have stunning hair decorations.

12. DIY Vintage Jewelry Lampshade

DIY jeweled lamp shades will add romance to your bedroom. This can be done in many ways. This is an excellent way to get creative and make something unique.

13. Vintage jewelry magnets

These repurposed vintage jewelry magnets will transform your kitchen or office. Take your old earrings, pins, or old necklaces and glue them to the magnet bases.

14. Vintage Brooch Cocktail Ring

You can transform your old pendants or brooches into unique cocktail rings. Your imagination can create any size or type of ring you desire. This is the ideal way to show off your fashionable jewelry. You can also preserve old costume jewelry. All you have to do is glue your pieces on a blank ring, and you are good to go.

15. Simple DIY Bejeweled Napkin rings

Old pieces of vintage jewelry make great napkin rings. First, cut the ribbon to the length that will fit your napkins. Then glue the ends together. After the ribbon dries, you can attach a vintage brooch or a large pendant to it. Depending on what style you prefer and what jewelry you have, you can glue the ends together. When ready to set the table, slip the napkin ring over your napkins.

16. Schmuck bottle décor

You can decorate a few bottles with jewelry and keep them around your home. Then, old vintage jewelry can be used to decorate those bottles. This is an easy and quick way to decorate perfume bottles or any other old bottles you have.

17. Vintage Jeweled Button Necklace

Perhaps you have some buttons from your vintage jewelry. These classic pieces could be transformed into beautiful necklaces with their unique style.

18. DIY Bedazzled Planter

Old vintage jewelry can be used to make your plants and other items look more expensive. For example, this will make your terra-cotta planters and vases appear much more costly than they are. Choose the pieces you wish to reuse and glue them to your planter. You can transform ordinary plastic pots and planters into unique pieces with vintage jewelry.

19. Simple DIY Jeweled Purse

Add some costume jewelry to any purse, and you'll have a bag that looks expensive. However, it will be evident that you made it with vintage jewelry pieces. Choose your design and glue it to your bag or clutch. You can also transform luggage, totes, or diaper bags into a unique design you won't see anywhere else.

20. Show clips from repurposed costume jewelry

You all have those beautiful pumps you love but wish they had a little more. You can give them a vintage look by adding some old-fashioned jewelry. They will instantly give your pumps an elegant look. And, since they attach to the shoes, you can swap them out whenever you like.

21. Small DIY Jeweled Frames

Old vintage jewelry can transform ordinary picture frames into unique creations. These make great gifts for Mother's Day, Christmas, or other occasions. You can also make large old brooches or necklaces stand-alone frames by simply removing the central piece and adding your favorite picture. There are so many ways costume jewelry can be used as picture enhancers.

22. Beautiful DIY Jewelry Wedding Bouquet

There is no reason why your wedding bouquet must contain flowers. A stunning jeweled bouquet can be made with old jewelry and a base. An old locket could be added with photos of loved ones who cannot attend your wedding.

23. Bridal Cuff Bracelets

Another way to incorporate vintage jewelry into your wedding is a stunning cuff bracelet made with old brooches or pearls or any other beads you have.

24. Beautiful DIY Vintage Jewelry wreath

What do a straw wreath, burlap, and vintage jewelry have in common? These are the ingredients you need to make this beautiful vintage jewelry wreath. This can be hung during holidays, or you can leave it up all year. This is a lovely piece of vintage costume jewelry that can be paired with it, such as brooches, necklaces, and earrings. It is also effortless to put together. This is a great project to make a beautiful wreath if you are unsure what to do with your jewelry.

25. DIY Shadow Box Jewelry Display

You can turn your old jewelry into a display if all else fails. Make a shadow box, add your favorite photo and costume jewelry. It's a great way to keep memories of your grandmother or mother. This project is easy to complete. If you don't want to make the shadow box, you can buy it and add your favorite photos and some unique pieces.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing old jewelry come back to life as an altered or new piece.